Land Development Projects

Advanced Vehicle Research Center

Design of a new facility in the Cyber Park in Danville, VA.  Scope of Services included  Surveying, Schematic Design, Final Design and Landscape Design.

Bojangles Restaurant

Civil Engineering provided for the new construction of a Bojangles restaurant in Rustburg, VA. Scope of services included site design, coordination with architect, landscape design, geotechnical investigation, bidding and construction administration and project management. The design included sanitary sewer connection, water main connection, entryways, pavement sections, curbing, walks, dumpster pad and manholes/inlets. R-C provided a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP), a utility plan for water, sewer and stormwater and assisted with the coordination of other utilities, including phone and electric.

Canadian Bank Note

Site Design for a new facility in the Cyber Park in Danville, VA. Project scope included Surveying, Schematic Design and Final Design.

Chatham Nursing Home

Site and utility design for a 120 bed nursing home facility on 25 acres in Chatham, VA. The project involved grading, parking layout, utility connections and stormwater management calculations. A VPDES permit was prepared for the contractor and wetlands were delineated and confirmed by the Army Corps of Engineers

Essel Propack

Design of a manufacturing facility in Danville, VA.  Scope of services included Surveying, Schematic Design, Final Design and Landscape Design. 

Gretna Streetscape Improvements and Bike Paths

Civil Engineering design provided for the streetscape improvements along Main Street in Gretna, VA, as well as the construction of a bike lane for the federally funded project.  The scope of services for Phase I included the design of the Gateway at Route 40 East and Main Street, which will include signage design, landscaping, and aesthetic improvements to existing traffic lights and the construction of the pedestran sidewalk.   

Hampton Inn

Site Engineering for the new construction of a Hampton Inn located in Gretna, VA. Scope of services included design of improvements including grading, storm drainage, utility services to the building, parking areas and entrances. Also included were the utility plan, landscape plan and irrigation plan.

Heron Pointe

120 Lot Single Family / Multi-Family Waterfront Development on Leesville Lake. Scope of services included surveying, geotechinical investigation, road design and bidding and construciton administration. Reynolds-Clark coordinated and managed the aerial topography, boundary survey, lot surveying and subdivision platting, and preparation of sales plats. An erosion and sediment control plan was submitted and approved by the regulatory agency.

Livestock Road Relocation

Design included approximately 1,000 lf of roadway to meet VDOT specifications. Scope of services included Submitted weekly status reports to key stakeholders and developed a project schedule and communications needs plan prior to initiation. Handled all construction administration required including bidding and inspections.

Moore's Convenience Store

Design of lot improvements for the construction of a convenience store.  Scope of services included Surveying, Site Design with Erosion and Sediment Control Planning and Grading and Utility Plans, as well as Construction Administration. 

National College

Site Engineering for 14,000 sf college building. Services included site design services including topography generation, grading, curb and gutter design, stormwater and lighting design and construction administration.

Riverwalk Trail Extension

Design of pedestrian riverwalk for linear parkway as an extension from the "Crossing at the Dan" along the Dan River in Danville, VA.  Scope of services included  Data Collection, Surveying, Preliminary Layout, Design and Construction Document Preparation and Construction Administration. 

Spring Hill Suites

Site Engineering for the development of a hotel in Lynchburg, VA. Scope of services included surveying, preliminary site design and final site design including grading, parking lot, curb and gutter, storm water management and lighting.


Site Engineering for 60,000 sf Call Center in Danville, VA. Services included topography generation, grading, curb and gutter design, stormwater and lighting design. Design consideration was given to the traffic patterns and large volume of vehicles for parking. Construction Administration services were also provided.

Turn One Center

Provided site master plan, water design, sanitary sewer design, sanitary sewer pump station design, grading and construction administration services for Turn One Center, a 24,000 sf retail shopping center in Altavista, VA. The center includes a strip mall, several out parcels and a carwash. R-C designed the water and sanitary sewer extensions and an onsite pump station to transport sanitary sewer to a nearby service authority gravity sewer line.

Turn Two Carwash

Design of a three (3) bay carwash in Rustburg, VA.  Scope of services included Surveying, Preliminary Site Layout, Site Design, Construction Administration and Project Management. 

Virginia Bank & Trust

Design of a new branch office in Rustburg, VA.  Services included Surveying, Site Plan, Landscape Plan a VSMP Premit Preparation. 


Surveying, Site Design Construction Documentation, for a new 60.000 sf high tech manufacturing facility in the Cyber Park in Danville Va.

Falcon Ridge

Design and master plan for walking trails and subdivision layout for a waterfront development on Leesville Lake. The design included site design for the residential areas, walking trails, common areas, approximately two (2) miles of VDOT standard roads, grading and utilities and storm water management for the approximately 85 acre development.

Galveston Mills

Site Engineering for a mixed use residential community including residential town homes, retail space and restaurant space in Gretna, VA. Scope of services included Concept Plan, Rezoning Assistance, Site and Grading Design, Stormwater Management, and Construction Administration.

Gretna First Baptist Church

Site design for new social hall addition.  Scope of services included Surveying, Design, Erosion and Sediment Control plan and Construction Administration. 

Little Bryd Creek

Civil and Environmental Engineering proivded for a 62 Lot Single Family Cluster Development. Scope of services included roadway design and subdivision development, as well as wetland delineating for proposed development.

McBride Subdivision

Site Engineering and Construction Management for the construction of 1,100 linear feet of VDOT roadway to service newly developing commercial area and proposed hotel in Gretna, VA. Scope of services included Surveying, Water and Sewer Design, Roadway Design and Construction Administration.

Olde Dominion Agriculture Complex

Design of a 15 acre Agriculture Show Arena and office/conference complex in Chatham, VA. Services included Topographic Survey, Preliminary Site Design and Site Design. Also assisted with obtaining approved entrances and parking lot design.


Site Engineering for 700 acre Single Family/Multi-Family Development at Smith Mountain Lake.  Scope of services included rezoning assistance, conceptual design and project management.  Completed a wetland delineation on the entire property to develop conceptual layout. 

SML Village

Site Engineering for proposed development with multi-family residents, commercial and retail space in Penhook, VA. Scope of services included the layout and construction specifications for an on-site water system and sanitary sewer system, an on-site water tank for domestic pressure and fire suppression, a sanitary pump station and approximately 30,000 lf of sanitary sewer forcemain, which will be constructed along the right-of-way to off-site treatment facilities.

US Green Energy

Full civil site design for a new 40,000 sf solar manufacturing facility on a 59 acre parcel in the Cane Creek Industrial Park.  Project scope included preliminary site design, site design, construction administration and a landscape plan.  Site design included utilities, grading, erosion and sediment control, water quality and storm water management.