Land Development

Ever eat at a fast food restaurant or park in a lot of a shopping center? Then you have experienced the results of land development. Reynolds-Clark provides a wide variety of services related to land development including site design, road design, construction administration, project management, subdivision planning and rezoning assistance.

Municipal Engineering

Utility design including waterline, sewer line, and sewer pump station design is a prominent area of our business. Reynolds-Clark has provided the design and construction administration for over 55,000 linear feet of waterline just in Pittsylvania County alone.

Economic Development

Our years of experience in economic development projects make us ideally suited to serve the economic development arena. We understand the importance of cost, time and quality constraints that drive the business of economic development. Some of our services include site plans, grading plans, curb and gutter design, stormwater design, lighting plans, and road design.

Environmental Planning

Almost EVERY project today will require environmental planning, which can be the largest scheduling hurdle in development. Reynolds-Clark helps owners and consultants navigate the constantly changing maze of regulations and guidelines. We provide an array of services to accomodate the specific needs of our clients so that they can continue their commercial, agricultural, or industrial endeavors.

Construction Administration

Reynolds-Clark offers a wide variety of Construction Administration services that best suit a clien'ts needs and expectations. These services range from preparation of bid documents to construction inspection. We cleary define the scope of these services for each project to ensure that we provide the maximum amount of assistance to the project Owner througout project closeout.

Project Management

Unlike many of our competitors, we staff a globally certified Project Management Professional (PMP) that plans, monitors, and manages all of our schedules for our design and construction projects. By focusing soley on the management of the project, we allow our Professional Engineers to perfect the techinical design. Some of our Project Management Services include Status Reporting, Change Management, Quality Assurance and Scope Management.